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Stainless steel belts from Belt Technologies Europe are being used within robotic arm assemblies for wafer handling in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

A combination of properties makes the belts ideal for this application, where precision movement and a particulate free operating environment are essential.

The company claims these stainless steel belts provide a highly smooth operation, which eliminates the chordal action associated with other types of belts or chains, resulting in precise motion control of the arm’s movement.

Stainless steel belts are non-stretchable and have a high modulus of elasticity, which is also ideal for the precision positioning required for wafer handling.

The belts also have a pitch accuracy of up to 0.013mm.

Stainless steel belts do not require lubricants as they are a single continuous element.

Therefore, they do not generate airborne particulate through friction and will not introduce foreign substances into the cleanroom environment.

These stainless steel belts are recognised as Class 100 cleanroom compatible.

Stainless steel belts also provide better robotic arm strength for higher payloads.

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