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Belt Technologies has developed stainless-steel belts and drive tapes for applications in the food, semiconductor, tobacco, electrical, pharmaceutical, bio-medical and aeronautical industries.

Belt Technologies’ latest range of stainless-steel drive tapes are ideally suited to and designed for used within linear actuators.

Stainless-steel drive tapes provide a clean, accurate and simple method of providing linear motion.

The all-stainless-steel construction provides a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Custom-made end tabs can be manufactured to a high degree of engineering accuracy and designed to compliment the type and size of linear slide in operation.

Drive tapes can provide rotary-to-rotary or rotary-to-linear motion.

Examples of rotary-to-rotary are found in robotic arms and mirror positioning.

Rotary-to-linear motion usually refers to carriage positioning found in linear actuators.

The carriage positioning accuracy provided by a plain steel drive tape can be within 0.013mm.

Drive tapes pinioned to pulleys will provide a system with zero backlash.

Timing drive tapes for use within place-and-pick applications can have accuracy typically within 0.013mm.

Stainless-steel drive tapes do not carry static, need no lubrication and are dust free.

They can be used in clean rooms up to ISO 14644-1 and higher.

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