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MTS has extended its product portfolio of magnetostrictive position sensors for mobile hydraulics with the new Temposonics Model MB stainless-steel sensor.

The unit has been developed specially for external attachment to a hydraulic cylinder and can be used in applications such as steer-by-wire.

With its compact dimension and an M14 x 1.5 thread, the sensor is suitable for mounting on double-acting steering cylinders.

The magnet is integrated into the piston and transmits the position through a non-ferrous cylinder wall to the sensor.

By using two externally mounted sensors, they can function in a redundant capacity to meet stringent safety requirements.

Apart from easy external mounting on the double-rod cylinder, the MB sensor is also suitable for direct screw installation in a differential cylinder.

In this type of installation, a ring magnet mounted on the piston slides over the sensor and marks the position.

Thus, the Model MB sensor offers the flexibility to either thread the sensor into the cylinder, or to attach it on the outside.

Additional M-Series sensor models are available that allow the sensor to be embedded in the hydraulic cylinder, permitting complete cylinder integration.

The Temposonics MB position sensor is available with 12V supply for a measuring range of 72-250mm and designed for large-scale integration in the mobile hydraulics industry.

Its compact size makes it easy to install and the sensor’s absolute, non-contact position measurement ensures a long service life.

By utilising a direct analogue voltage output, the sensor is able to provide a high-accuracy position feedback with a linearity of less than +/-0.25mm.

Due to its good signal-to-noise ratio, the sensor also has a high-survivability rating with a 100 G single shock rating, as well as a vibration profile that meets the ISO 16750-3 specification.

The protection type IP69K also ensures that the electrical connection is completely dust- and watertight.

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