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Base Handling Products has introduced the electro-polished range of stainless-steel wheeled tote bins, designed specifically for use in food and pharmaceutical environments.

The key feature of this new 200-litre capacity tote bin is its ultra-hygienic electro-polished surface, which provides important operational and environmental-related advantages.

Independent university research carried out in Austria has shown that the electrolytic polishing of stainless steel reduces surface coarseness by up to 85 per cent when compared with traditional milled, brushed or blasted surface processes.

Base Handling Products claims this reduction offers significant operational cost advantages for its tote bins.

Andrew Pitt, sales director for Base Handling Products, said: ‘Improved surface finish has a major impact on cleaning cycle times; reducing water, energy and detergent consumption.

‘In parallel, the improved surface finish dramatically reduces product adhesion, leading to faster emptying times and therefore improved productivity.’ Manufactured from 304 stainless-steel sheet with smooth rolled edges for optimum robustness and operator safety, the welded tote bins are electro-polished both inside and outside.

The food-grade nylon wheels and welded pushing handle provide for easy wheeling and ensure optimum manoeuvrability.

The strong stainless-steel lifting lugs allow the tote bin to be lifted and tipped using standard bin tippers, including those available from Base Handling Products.

If required, the bins can be supplied in 316 stainless steel; optional stainless-steel lids are also available.

The stainless-steel bins complement the company’s range of colour-coded moulded polyethylene wheeled bins.

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