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Stantronic Instruments has introduced the G5100A arbitrary function generator from Picotest.

The direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology provides accurate and stable signal characteristics with low distortion.

Operation of the waveform generator unit via the graphical display is said to be user friendly through soft keys, cursor keys, a numeric keypad or a dial wheel.

Standard signal waveforms (sine, square, triangle/ramp, pulse and white noise) are button selected.

Sine wave frequency is 1uHz to 50MHz and rectangles can be set from 1uHz to 25MHz.

Arbitrary waveform signals can be generated up to 10MHz and the noise has a typical bandwidth of 20MHz.

AM, FM, PM, FSK and PWM modulation types are available.

The amplitude resolution is 14 bits and the internal sampling rate is 125MS/s, with a memory length of 256k points.

Waveforms can be generated using the waveform editor, called WavepattR, which is supplied free of charge.

Four full-signal characteristics of waveforms can be stored in non-volatile memory, which is retained even after switching off the device.

The device can be remotely controlled through a USB or Ethernet port and GPIB can be supplied as an option.

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