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Geared for production and training applications, the Starter Lab line from Manncorp is widely used by contractors and OEMs that require precision prototyping or low-volume SMT assembly.

It has also gained acceptance by numerous technical schools and colleges as a teaching aid.

The line includes three bench-top systems: a precision stencil printer, a computer-controlled pick-and-place unit and a lead-free reflow oven.

‘PCB assemblers on tight budgets can now have a single-sourced SMT line with integrated lead-free and fine-pitch equipment,’ said chief executive officer Henry Mann.

‘The placer is the latest upgrade of our ECM-5611S with on-the-fly vision placement.

‘It will place a wide range of fine-pitch devices on a 10.6in x 5.9in placement area and holds 24 8mm tape feeders.

‘A computer with LCD monitor is also included.’ The SR2100 stencil printer offers precision screw alignment to boards, X, Y and Theta adjusting knobs and double-sided board processing.

Frame capacity is 18in x 22in (470mm x 570mm).

The single-chamber 850 hot air convection reflow oven adjusts to lead-free temperatures up to 260C.

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