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PSL Datatrack’s Status Board display system for use with Datatrack software can now be used in the boardroom, giving directors instant real-time updates of key business operating parameters.

It can even be consulted remotely.

Boardroom Status Board’s multi-layer charting facility displays information on any aspect of the manufacturing process, combining production data with KPI (key performance indicators) to give a precise overview of the status of the manufacturing business.

The Datatrack software holds all the data relevant to a production process and customers’ requirements.

Reporting systems deliver information about what manufacturing processes are delivering, but in most busy companies the data is out of date as soon as it is printed and referred to.

What is missing is real-time display of data appertaining to these manufacturing disciplines, which is what Boardroom Status Board can offer.

Specified by the user, the Boardroom Status Board displays any relevant information for the business.

Displays so far have included: delivery and current WIP values versus budgets; delivery performance, specific and by period average; achieved delivery promises; supplier delivery performance and overdue purchases; and non-conformance analysis.

The benefits of these displays include tighter financial control, rigid control of inventory, precise analysis of delivery performance, prediction of potential problems and real-time monitoring of production.

Every business is unique, and KPIs in one manufacturing company can be radically different from another.

Datatrack’s Status Boards are tuned to the exact requirements of the user, and the flexibility of the system means that, as requirements change, they can be easily updated to meet new situations.

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