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Stauff UK, a hydraulic component supplier, has taken delivery of an all-electric tube bending machine from Unison.

Applications for the new machine range from the fabrication of batches of tubular components for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in sectors such as the railways and oil and gas to trade counter activity, which often handles requests to replicate old or obsolescent hydraulic tubing parts.

The Unison machine was acquired to replace an old hydraulically actuated bender.

Flexibility of use and savings in both energy consumption and scrap were key factors in securing the order.

Stauff selected a Breeze 16 tube bender with bidirectional servomotor-driven bending axes, capable of shaping tubes of up to 16mm in diameter.

The bidirectional capability allows workpieces to be transferred automatically between left- and right-hand bending heads as many times as required, providing the means to fabricate complex shapes in a single automatic operation.

Stauff appreciates the operational cost savings that the all-electric bender will bring.

Electricity running costs will decrease by a large margin because the machine only consumes a significant amount of energy when a bend is being formed, as opposed to continuously keeping the hydraulic machine pressurised.

Scrap will also be reduced thanks to the Breeze 16’s ability to accurately replicate bending setups on demand and to graphically simulate bending programs for complex shapes to foresee collision problems.

Stauff also liked the simplicity of the machine’s graphical user interface, which it believes will facilitate operator training.

In addition to supporting the company’s large-scale engineering project work in sectors such as railway equipment, mobile machinery and coach building, the processing industry is a major target for the new machine.

Stauff has just launched a range of high-pressure, high-integrity, twin-ferrule stainless-steel compression couplings.

The combination of its tube bending capability and this new product range is intended to place the company’s Sheffield factory in a position to service oil, gas and other processing industry applications.

It will allow Stauff to fabricate, assemble and supply complete rigid tubular instrumentation subsystems to OEMs.

This subsystem manufacturing capability can also take advantage of Stauff’s wider range – including valves and tube clamps – providing a system building service for OEMs in oil, gas and other processing sectors that operate from the UK.

The flexibility of the new tube bender is aided by a datalink with a coordinate measuring machine, providing Stauff with an automated means of replicating any tubular part.

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