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Rosa Ermando has released the Steel Linear grinding machine, which allows reciprocating grinding and creep-feed grinding (full cut).

It can carry out concave (hollow) and convex (camber) profile grinding in cross and longitudinal direction.

The movement of the table is obtained by a digital linear motor.

This ensures a higher speed of the table (up to 60 m/min), reducing the time needed to reverse it.

During plunge grinding and reciprocating grinding, the overtravel and the time for table reverse are reduced.

In this manner, independently from the work length, the grinding times are up to 40 per cent shorter.

The cooling by fluid of the linear motor thermally separates the motor from the machine frame, offering positive effects on the thermal behaviour and thermal stability.

A direct linear-drive ensures the geometrical precision of the workpieces, removing the need for components such as ball-screws, belts, couplings or cylinders, which are all subject to wear.

The machine can be equipped with lateral grinding heads and dividing apparatuses to grind complex workpiece shapes; before, these required several set-up steps.

This avoids the work-in-process operation and increases the output capacity of the machine.

This grinding machine can be used for small and for large series as well as for single parts, where the complete grinding job can be carried out on the machine unmanned.

The CNC unit mod ECS 2400D – Rosa System V is designed for grinding machines.

It features six controlled-axes, integrated PLC, high-resolution 14in colour screen, integrated CAD-CAM system for creating profiles, dynamic simulation of the work and optimisation of the tool path.

Interactive windows simplify the programming of the machine.

The cross axis and the vertical axis are driven by ball-screws and have double preloaded screw nuts.

The drive is obtained by brushless AC motors and is controlled by encoders or, on request, by optical scales with a resolution of one micron.

The spindle unit is an interchangeable cartridge type and runs in preloaded opposite contact bearings of the precision type.

The spindle housing is made of a cast-iron with a low thermal-expansion factor.

The spindle is coupled by a motor cooled by a liquid medium.

The spindle motor features a standard 22kW (options up to 30kW available).

The grindable cube size is 1500 x 750 x 600mm.

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