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Steel maker Essar has selected Fagor Arrasate as the supplier for a heavy cut-to-length line for its facility in the United Emirates.

The line will process steel with a strength of 750MPa, thickness from 2-16mm and a width up to 2m.

Entry coils have a weight of 30 tonne and their outside diameter can reach 2000mm.

The processing speed is 20m/min.

The length of the blanks can be 12m.

These bundles can weigh as much as 30 tonnes each.

The leveller has two interchangeable cartridges.

In addition, Handang Iron and Steel has bought an advanced cut-to-length line from Fagor Arrasate able to process high-strength steel from 0.3-2.5mm in thickness and widths of up to 2030mm.

The weight of the coil can reach 25 tonnes and the maximum length of the blanks to be cut is 4m.

The line includes a high-speed rotary shear able to process steel at 90m/min.

The cut-to-length installation will be able to process exposed material.

The line starts include coil saddles with three stations, coil car, handling the sleeves of the coil, automatic coil unloading, uncoiler, automatic centring device, a peeler, pinch rolls and scrap shear as well as the systems to remove the scraps, thickness measurement device, leveller, system to clean the rolls in operation, inspection area with mirrors and controlled illumination, ink jet marker, feeding rolls, rotary shear, inspection area and electromagnetic stacker with three stations.

Wuhan Iron and Steel has also ordered a slitting line from Fagor Arrasate, which will be able to process delicate steel coils of 2080 x 2.5mm and 30 tonnes.

The line will run at 200m/min and will process delicate materials, including painting strips.

This Fagor slitting line will include the following machines: coil saddles, coil car, automatic coil loading, uncoiler with outboard bearing, peeler, centring device, pinch rolls, scrap shear and scrap removal, side guides, pinch rolls, slitter, turnstile for changing knives, loop area, tensioning device with belt bridle, recoiler, exit coil car with piano system, exit turnstile and all the shimless tooling required for operation.

The line will be able to slit up to 28 strips at the same time.

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