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Balluff has launched the Steelface range of sensors designed to survive longer in abusive applications such as metal processing in machine tools, in foods production, or in automobile technology.

For error-proofing and part-present applications, inductive sensors are often – by necessity – placed directly in harm’s way.

Impact, abrasion, and particulate erosion can destroy conventional plastic-faced sensors, and replacing these damaged sensors is a costly and time-consuming process.

Balluff Steelface sensors are said to have an extra-rugged construction, reducing replacement costs and production downtime.

Machining a single piece of solid stainless steel results in a sensor with a 1mm-thick, robust steel face that is impact-, chemical-, cutting fluid-, and abrasion-resistant.

Available in M8, M12, M18 and M30 sizes (shielded and unshielded), Balluff said these sensors do not sacrifice sensing range for increased durability, achieving the same sensing range as the company’s standard proximity sensors.

Additionally, a series of 2x or 3x extended sensing range allows the user to mount the sensor further away from the target, minimising the risk of impact damage.

Special variants are available, such as PTFE-coated housings to repel weld spatter, and ferrous- or non-ferrous-selective electronics to sense a variety of different metals.

Balluff has over 50 years of sensor experience and is a leading global sensor specialist with its own line of connectivity products for every area of factory automation and industrial control.

Everyday, all over the world, Balluff sensors are increasing production throughput and product quality for thousands of satisfied users striving to improve their manufacturing processes and lower their costs. No matter what the application, Balluff has the practical experience, expertise, and product range to make that improvement. Products include:

  • inductive, photoelectric, magnetic field, ultrasonic, capacitive, vision sensors 
  • linear transducers, linear encoders systems 
  • distance  measurement and level sensors
  • industrial RFID 
  • power supplies
  • connectivity and bus systems.

Our manufacturing, sales, and service offices are located around the world. That means the excellent service we provide in England, Germany, or Brazil is the same as we offer in the United States, Japan, or India.

Fast delivery, global pricing, attention to detail and the ability to lower our customers’ costs, no matter where our customers are located. Although our programs are global, our customer relationships are local.

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