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Two additions to the LMT Steeltec range of turning inserts have been developed by LMT’s Boehlerit division.

The inserts expand the application-specific capability of the company’s recently introduced higher performance Nanolock abrasion and heat-resistant coating.

Steeltec inserts incorporating Nanolock coating are used in demanding applications such as the machining of super alloy and specialist materials, where improvements in tool life of between 30 and 50 per cent have led to leaps in productivity and machining consistency, said LMT.

The two additional geometries have been developed for more universal turning requirements.

The RP geometry has a new ‘chip-channel’ for arduous roughing cycles and the MP incorporates a ‘stabilisation’ chamfer along with an improved Drytec heat dissipation surface.

Available through LMT (UK) of Coventry, both inserts incorporate the nanocrystaline coating development Nanolock, which combines the abrasion resistant properties of titanium carbonitride with the heat resistance of aluminium oxide to create a thermal shield.

Due to its extremely fine, needle-like surface, this also intensifies the adhesion of the coating to the adjoining layers of the insert while creating an ultra-smooth top surface.

The RP geometry negative indexable insert has a micro geometry ‘chip-channel’ that creates a very soft chip-breaking scenario when taking roughing cuts that reduce the power required from the machine drives under heavy-duty cutting conditions.

On a recent trial, machining the face of a turbine disc at 70m/min with 10mm depth of cut and 0.8mm/rev feed rate, tool life of the Steeltec insert was raised above the incumbent insert supplier by 33 per cent from 45 min per corner to 60 min.

RP inserts can be applied with feed rates between 0.45 and 1.2mm/rev, depths of cut between 3.5mm and 12mm and cutting speeds between 30 and 200m/min.

The universal MP geometry combines a ‘stabilisation’ chamfer with optimised micro geometry that prevents chip impact under cut and especially when turning against a shoulder.

The micro geometry also prevents cratering of the insert and reduces friction, enabling the flexibility of applying a wide range of feed rates to be used to tailor the process for the most productive solution.

Incorporating the Drytec heat dissipation surface – which is increased by some 200 per cent over previous LMT Steeltec inserts and is ground on both location faces of the insert after coating – further improves the dynamic performance and enhances smoother cutting characteristics with the virtual elimination of any vibration under cutting conditions.

MP inserts can be applied with feed rates between 0.15 and 0.45mm/rev, depths of cut between 1.5mm and 4.5mm, and cutting speeds between 60 and 300m/min.

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