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Steinel has announced the launch of its Steinel Lite HG 350 ESD heat gun, featuring a bright LED light to illuminate the work area and highly focused hot air that ensures an accurate result.

The Steinel HG 350 ESD offers targeted 3.5ft3/min airflow and temperature up to 930F (498C) and is suitable for precision work.

This ESD safe heat gun is said to be ideal for the electronics industry and small profile heat shrink tubing.

An integrated LED light illuminates work area and acts as an ‘on’ indicator light enhancing safety and precision.

The red ‘hot’ indicator warns users not to touch until the nozzle has cooled.

The HG 350 is said to offer a lightweight and well-balanced design to reduce fatigue during long-term use.

The versatility of the heat tool is enhanced by a variety of available accessories including a 7mm reducer, reducer with reflector guard, 40mm reflector, and precision reflector.

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