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Steinel has introduced the Classic Heat Gun Kit that features Steinel’s most popular heat gun and accessories all packed in an aluminum case.

The kit includes: HL 1910 E variable temperature electronic heat gun; 14mm reflector nozzle; 39mm reflector nozzle; 9mm reduction nozzle; overhead hanger; an application guide; and aluminum case.

The HL 1910 E heat gun offers features such as variable temperature, electronic thermocouple control and the Duratherm heating element.

The HL 1910 E features a temperature dial enabling variable temperature selection from 120F to 1100F.

It can be used for a wide range of applications from working delicate materials without damage at a low temperature to soldering at a very high temperature.

Electronic thermocouple control technology is another feature of the HL 1910 E.

The integrated microprocessor measures and regulates heat produced, preventing heat back-up even with restricted airflow.

This enables the use of reduction nozzles, which further broadens the range of applications.

The 9mm reduction nozzle concentrates heat, allowing for more precise airflow applications such as desoldering a circuit board for its small valuable components.

Applying solder sleeves and shrink tubing can be accomplished by using the 39mm reflector nozzle or 14mm reflector nozzle.

The Duratherm heating element consists of coils wounded through a series of stacked ceramic disks achieving a ‘honey-comb’ effect that fully encapsulates and supports.

This ceramic encapsulated heating system provides even heat and long life.

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