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Stellram’s 48 Geometry is designed for machining challenging aerospace materials, such as titanium alloys, through its chip control capabilities and smooth cutting action.

Better chip formation and ejection are realised by the insert’s high helix features and double positive top rake configuration, which are achieved via strong primary and secondary cutting edges.

The 48 Geometry’s design allows more contact time between chip and cutting edge, ensuring longer tool life and greater component accuracy.

According to ATI Stellram, this combination generates lower radial forces and minimises vibration, allowing the machining of more unstable parts, cutting environments or components.

The 48 Geometry is available in grade SP6519, a tough, high-performance substrate which is finished with the hard-wearing PVD super nano coating.

The new insert program, also suitable for machining stainless steels as well as high- nickel-, high-cobalt-based alloys and iron-based alloys, is available in ADET12- and APET16-style inserts, with either facet of 1.2mm, 1.6mm and 3.2mm radii.

The full insert program will consist of radii from 0.8mm to 6.4mm.

ATI Stellram develops and produces high-performance cutting tools for difficult-to-machine materials used in a wide variety of industries including aerospace, power generation, medical, oil and gas production as well as automotive.

Its extensive product range comprises inserts and toolholders suitable for applications in drilling, grooving, milling, threading and turning.In addition ATI Stellram develops new grades and specialist combinations of substrates and coatings. Renowned for solving hard machining challenges, ATI Stellram has also established a reputation for developing innovative solutions designed to deliver better productivity, lower costs and higher quality, especially for the new generation of materials like nickel-, cobalt- and titanium-based alloys. ATI Stellram is a business unit of ATI Engineered Products and part of the ATI Aerospace team, a group of global businesses that produce a wide range of specialty metals and cutting tool solutions.

It has manufacturing facilities in the UK, Switzerland and the United States, and 9 sales offices around the world. ATI Stellram’s tooling engineers and metallurgists work closely with other specialists within the group to develop smarter solutions for difficult-to-machine materials.

This seamless technology transfer between the ATI companies provides an extensive knowledge base, not only of specialty metals, but also cutting tool performance.

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