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Pace Automation is building its Pace Vision System (PVS) around vision components supplied by Stemmer Imaging (formerly Firstsight Vision).

Used primarily in the automotive and aerospace industries, the PVS is an intelligent high-speed vision system for inspection of standard and special purpose fasteners, including screws and rivets at up to 1,200 parts/minute.

Stemmer Imaging supplies all the key vision components for the system, including Guppy F-033B cameras from AVT, high luminosity back lighting LEDs from CCS, lighting controllers from Gardasoft, Stemmer Imaging industrial PCs and all necessary lenses, cables and interface cards.

The inspection and measurement software has been developed by Pace Automation.

The PVS captures images of the fasteners and performs various user-configurable measurements on them.

Parts with measurements outside the chosen tolerances are automatically rejected.

The PVS is a modular system, capable of accommodating up to four cameras.

Up to two cameras may be used for inspection of fastener heads and up to three cameras may be configured for shank inspection.

General manager, Tony Crossland, said: ’Sourcing vision components from Stemmer Imaging for the PVS has brought us a number of benefits.

’The cameras, optics and illumination have been carefully selected to minimise image distortion and to maximise accuracy.

’We also know that Stemmer Imaging tests all its components for compatibility and this is especially important for our multi-camera systems.’ A range of measurements is offered by the PVS including area measurements for both fastener shanks and heads.

Other head measurements include: head shape, average head diameter, maximum head diameter across corners and minimum head diameter across flats.

Head recess shape and diameter measurements can also be made.

Instead of using generic parameters, the shank options can be set for different thread types to give the most accurate measurements possible for each type.

The thread type can be set for fine, coarser or custom threads.

Measurements include outer thread diameter, inner thread diameter, thread pitch and thread helix angle.

Minimum, maximum and average diameter measurements can be made on non-threaded shanks.

Length measurements can be made of the total part, the length of the part’s shank and the height of the part’s head.

STEMMER IMAGING is Europe’s largest imaging technology provider with headquarters in Germany and subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, France and Switzerland.

Image processing or Machine Vision is used in many different application areas – such as industrial automation, medical imaging, security and traffic technology – as a powerful and cost effective way of implementing automatic quality assurance. Even at high speeds and with stringent accuracy requirements, image processing allows 100% monitoring and thus strengthens the competitive edge of those companies using it.

STEMMER IMAGING customers have access to a wide variety of imaging products from the worlds leading manufacturers. These manufacturers represent the cutting edge of vision technology which is something that is unique in Europe. STEMMER IMAGING are the developers of the world’s leading image processing software platform, Common Vision Blox, and as a manufacturer of customer-specific products, we have a full range of in-house expertise to draw on, allowing us to supply the best possible service to our customers when choosing an imaging solution. STEMMER IMAGING does not produce turn-key solutions – instead, using our close partnerships with a large number of experienced system integrators, we can provide expert technical know-how for the planning, integration and realisation of complete solutions.

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