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Rockwell Automation has launched the Stepforward programme, a technology management solution that offers promotional incentives for companies wanting to upgrade or migrate to Rockwell equipment.

Stepforward makes provision for two categories: upgrading and migration.

The first focuses on system redesign, upgrade or proactive replacement and preventative maintenance, facilitating the change from one current product to another, often necessitated by factors such as evolved plant requirements.

The second refers to the use of products nearing end-of-life or heading towards the company’s Silver Series and supports customers in their progression to a new Rockwell Automation product.

Rockwell Automation said an important aspect of the Stepforward programme is its focus on the value of a customer’s current architecture and helping them manage it.

With this in mind, the company offers a remanufacturing service for products that may be nearing end-of-life, avoiding the cost of a complete upgrade if one is not necessitated.

Upgrading equipment and replacing retiring products with current ones is also a focus of the Stepforward programme.

This may offer a more affordable solution and one that offers the benefits of Allen-Bradley technology with better performance and enhanced features, as well as improved information flow and renewed full factory warranty.

Rockwell Automation promotes the use of existing systems to minimise upgrade/migration costs.

Additional Stepforward benefits are said to include: special trade-in pricing; technology maintenance; defined path-forward planning; eased business functioning; standard training; start-up assistance; field service engineering support; and parts and stock availability; which accompany new product purchases.

All Rockwell Automation products are RoHS compliant.

By upgrading to the latest Rockwell Automation technology, customer operations can immediately be classified as more environmentally friendly.

The Stepforward programme applies to most capital-value items, such as programmable controllers (PLCs/PACs), AC and DC variable-speed drives (VSDs/AFDs/VFDs), servo controllers (both controllers and amplifiers), electronic softstarters, electronic motor protection devices and software.

Product trade-ins must be in working condition and of the same product type as the new product replacement.

The programme cannot be combined with any other promotion, credit or special discount.

Rockwell Automation offers a similar service to customers who wish to exchange a competitor product for one of its own, taking into account differences in functionality, hardware, training and so on.

Conversion kits are available to make migration as easy as possible for customers.

A certain level of backward compatibility is also built in that aids compatibility between current and retired products.

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