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Nanotec Electronic has now integrated a CANopen interface in the SMCI12 stepper motor controller, which is particularly suitable for CANopen-based CNC and other multi-axis applications.

The motor current is controlled by means of the software-based dspDrive algorithm and the controller also offers the interpolated mode based on DSP-402.

With the SMCI12 model, a small controller is available for applications that are based on the communications protocol that is especially widespread in Europe and continues to prevail as a rugged, economical fieldbus system for drive technology.

With a frame size of 42 by 42mm, the SMCI12 controller can be mounted directly on Nema 17 stepper motors.

It supports velocity, homing, profile position and interpolated mode compliant with the ‘CANopen Device Profile’ DSP-402 for motor controllers.

As with all new Nanotec controllers, the SMCI12 model integrates the software-based current control dspDrive.

This ensures optimal motor running performance at all speeds, in comparison with pure hardware solutions.

The Windows software NanoCAN allows easy commissioning independently of the CAN master.

All SDOs (Service Data Objects) can be read and set, and movements in the various modes can be tested without programming skills.

The SMCI12 stepper motor controller was developed for standard series usage and is distinguished by its quick initial operation and compact design.

Nanotec will present the SMCI12 stepper motor controller, with CANopen interface, at the Hannover Trade Show.

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