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STI Electronics has added the Heller 1913MKIII convection reflow/curing oven to its microelectronics cleanroom.

The lead-free certified Heller 1913MKIII features 26 independently controlled heating zones.

The system features PID control to ensure +/-1C temperature stability and real-time profiling with SPC software.

The closed-loop nitrogen control system provides multiplex monitoring at three independent locations and an oxygen PPM monitor.

Additionally, the switchable drive system features a fast-speed drive reflow system and a slow-speed drive curing system.

‘Procurement of the Heller 1913MKIII, an extended zone convection oven with a closely monitored inert environment, enables the manufacturing and assembly of more robust microelectronics assemblies,’ said Casey Cooper, manager of the Microelectronics Lab at STI.

STI’s 2,000ft2 Microelectronics Lab is certified in accordance with Nebb Procedural Standards per the requirements of ISO14644-1:1999 for ISO Class 6 (Class 1000) Manufacturing Cleanroom for Electronic Hardware.

It meets the requirements to produce military and medical devices that require cleanroom manufacturing standards and practices.

STI Electronics

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