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From 16 January 2009, the Health and Safety (Offences) Act 2008 will increase penalties and provide courts with greater sentencing powers for companies who contravene Health and Safety legislation.

The new legislation has been introduced to toughen the punishment for Health and Safety offences, speed up the process of justice and make the penalties more appropriate.

Magistrates Courts will be able to impose fines of up to GBP20,000 (a four-fold increase) whilst Crown Courts will be able to impose unlimited fines and imprisonment is likely for most offences.

The shocking news regarding electrical health and safety is that many companies do not fully understand what is required in terms of a clear electrical health and safety policy for their workforce or, if they do, it is often woefully inadequate.

Maintenance people, operators, line managers, duty holders and health and safety managers can benefit from the INTACS 1 day ‘Electrical H+S, Resetting Trips and Overloads with Safe Isolation’ course that can be delivered at the workplace or at the INTACS Wellingborough Training Centre.

Consult the INTACS website to see an overview of the training available, with dates, and fees for courses.

Alternatively call our friendly training advisors for more details, today!

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