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The STN series of magnetic-drive pumps from CDR Pumps has undergone a series of design refinements to accommodate the Atex-certification requirements.

Modifications include the use of a heavy-duty cast-iron lantern and alloy feet to accommodate the heavier Atex motors, making the pumps far more robust.

The Atex pumps comprise a carbon-filled ETFE casing for static-energy earthing.

They maintain optimum corrosion resistance to the most arduous of chemicals.

The bearing system as standard is glass-loaded PTFE running against a stationary ceramic shaft and axial thrust shoes, with the option of upgrading to silicon carbide for solids handling.

The nozzle connections allow for unions to be used directly on the pump for easy disconnection, or alternatively flanged fittings to either ANSI 150 RF or BS4504 PN16 specification.

Motor powers range from 0.75 to 4kw to cover the complete hydraulic characteristics of the pumps, with a single-size mag-drive coupling.

The Atex version complements the standard STN series, being manufactured for more than eight years in standard polypropylene and ETFE materials.

It has been used widely in the chemical-distribution industry, CIP applications, OEM installations and small-scale chemical plants and transfer duties.

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