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Storch Magnetics has released a brochure that provides information on increasing productivity through use of the company’s stamping-related products and material-handling products.

Storch equipment can help stamping companies with one-minute die changes for lean manufacturing to fast removal of scrap and stamped parts along with material handling solutions.

Storch offers products such as steel-hinge belt conveyors, magnetic-slide conveyors, scrap shakers, magnetic-die clamping, skate rails, lifts and blank-sheet fanners, separators, magnetic sweepers and magnetic products for lifting, holding, filtering and automation.

Storch’s material-handling systems are designed to remove, transfer or elevate scrap parts from a stamping line.

All of its material-handling conveyors are designed and built to last, with lifetimes of up to 15 years of continuous service and minimal maintenance.

They can often be rebuilt for additional service providing a green-featured conveyor.

Magnetic slide conveyors have no external moving parts and can convey hot, cold, wet, oily and dry ferrous materials virtually anywhere.

They can be built with powerful ceramic and rare-earth magnets.

These units are suitable for scrap such as punch-outs, stamping scrap, fasteners, trim stock, cold-headed fasteners, parts and chips.

Storch’s air transporter models (AT Series) scrap shakers can move scrap, parts and sort/screen products.

They are built around a high-quality/low-maintenance module that holds a tray or trays per the application.

They use a reduced volume of compressed air at low psi.

Models range from palm size to ones with 1,500lb of push force.

For fast die changes, Storch offers rare-earth, permanent magnetic die holders.

These die holders are failsafe.

Electric power is only used to turn them off, reducing electricity costs.

Easy push-button operation will release tools.

They are rated at 150 ton/m2 of holding force.

A square pole configuration gives them equally high energy holding force in every direction.

For metal sheet material handling, Storch can design a system from a single magnetic-sheet fanner separator to a complete stack, destack and transfer integrated system.

These products are claimed to improve vertical and lateral transfer, minimise production downtime, improve operator safety and reduce labour costs.

Storch also offers products for the stamping floor including magnetic sweepers to quickly clean floors of hazardous scrap and parts, along with a large assortment of magnets to lift, hold, sort, filter and automate metalworking and stamping applications.

Storch is ISO9001:2000 and WBENC certified.

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