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Straightpoint has announced that it is incorporating radio-frequency identification (RFID) tagging within all of its link-style load-cell products, allowing inspection records to be wirelessly transferred from the product onto a secure database on the company’s computer. 

The process check stores a Quic-Check ID number, product type, in service date, date of last-recorded inspection and the status of the product at the last-recorded inspection, making records more accurate and saving time compared to completing manual records, according to the company.

Clients buying the enhanced Straightpoint load-cell products incorporating the RFID tagging can then use the Crosby handheld device and free software program to transfer the data from the product onto their computer system, providing the user with a quick reference to inspection information on the specific product being inspected.

The product is suited for on- and offshore-related businesses, including dock-side cranes.

Key specifications

  • Reduces total inspection process time up to 65 per cent
  • Eliminates errors from handwritten or manual-typed inspection reports
  • Gives companies the ability to quickly reference all records and can be used in conjunction with other Crosby RFID tagged products, such as slings or shackles
  • 1,600 hours of battery life
  • Sleep mode when not in use

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