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With the completion of phase one of the ZX10 hoist programme, Street Crane has taken the capacity of its ZX hoist series up to 40 tonnes safe working load.

The ZX10 is designed using the same modular principles as the pZX6-8 series.

The ZX10 series is a heavy-duty hoist having a more substantial chassis, with a heavy-duty gearbox, motor and drum.

There is some capability overlap with the ZX6-8 in the core 20 tonnes lifting ranges.

This has enabled Street Crane to offer higher performance ZX10 hoists in this lifting range where customers may need a higher speed of lift, require greater height of lift or a higher-duty rating.

Engineered using Solid Edge virtual modelling, the hoists have been developed to use fewer components, making them easier and quicker to assemble.

Advanced vibration analysis was also undertaken to allow each individual component to be isolated.

Long-term reliability of the ZX10 hoist has been proven by intensive accelerated life tests.

With full loads, lift and fall cycles were followed with speed changes and pauses so that mechanisms were severely challenged.

The effect of many years operation was compressed into several weeks 24/7 operation.

The next phase of development will see the ZX10 series hoists go to 50 tonnes safe working load.

In addition to the ZX ranges, Street Crane offer a range of factory cranes and hoists up to 150 tonnes lifting capacity.

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