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Stretch has added the S6107 software configurable processor to its S6000 family.

The S6107 shares the same high-performance S6 engine as other S6000 family members and is optimised for low operating power.

Like the Stretch S6106, announced in August 2008, the S6107’s compact 17mm x 17mm package makes it ideal for power- and space-constrained applications requiring high-performance video processing.

Included in the S6107 is a PCIe interface for communicating with host controllers in embedded applications or directly to the host PC in add-in card applications.

The S6107 has been optimised for video and image processing and is capable of multi-stream H.264 encoding using the Stretch intelligent encoder.

The bandwidth afforded by its PCIe interface and two high-speed data ports means the processor is equally suited to processing uncompressed video streams or to performing video analytics.

This makes the device suitable for high-performance video capture PC add-in cards, as well as for stand-alone intelligent video streamers.

All S6000 family devices share a common architecture, and the S6107 is compatible with the same development environment and programming methodology used across the family.

Mark Oliver, Stretch director of product marketing said: ‘Because our S6000 family devices share a common architecture and development environment, designers can select the device with the features that suit their unique applications.

‘This maximises our customers’ re-use of existing application code and minimises the learning curve when designing for new applications.’ The first Stretch reference design to feature the S6107 is the VCC6008 video capture card.

Using a single S6107 device, the VCC6008 card is capable of capturing eight channels of D1 resolution video at full frame rate.

The captured video is de-interlaced and can be preprocessed with image enhancement algorithms and embedded analytics before being transferred to the host computer through the PCIe interface.

The VCC6008 card is available as a production-ready OEM card, as well as a development platform for S6107-based designs.

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