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Stretch has announced the VCC6000 Series of PCIe video capture cards.

The cards, initially available in 16- and 8-channel versions, are designed for OEMs and are easily integrated with existing DVR applications and host-based compression systems.

The VCC6000 Series uses a rich application programmers interface (API) to make porting straightforward and to ensure maximum re-use of existing application code.

The VCC6416 16-channel card captures up to 16 channels of D1 resolution video at 30 frames per second.

It features a high-bandwidth, 4-lane PCIe interface, to ensure that no frames are dropped as the captured streams are uploaded to the host system.

A single S6000 family software-configurable processor performs de-interlacing and preprocessing on the input video streams, and runs video analytics within user-defined regions of interest.

The VCC6008 captures eight channels of full frame rate D1 video in a 1-lane PCIe interface form factor.

The same video processing capabilities and programming API are common across all members of the VCC6000 Series, making it easy for OEMs and system integrators to select the channel density and price point required for their particular application.

All members of the VCC6000 Series are available as OEM units, or as fully featured reference designs for companies to create differentiated products.

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