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Lantech has launched the RS-6000 20-second stretch-wrapping system that is designed to meet the needs of food, beverage and consumer product companies producing high volumes of pallet loads.

The system is claimed to provide a capacity of 180-200 loads per hour without film breaks.

According to Lantech, the film delivery system gets film onto the load so quickly that almost all film recovery (the film trying to ‘un-stretch’ itself) occurs on the load, resulting in high containment force and reduced film use.

The RS-6000 automatic conveyorised stretch-wrapping system is said to enable OEMs to satisfy mass-merchandisers who want more SKUs in their warehouses, wider brand selection on their shelves and faster turnover of smaller inventories.

The RS-6000 Ring-Straddle stretch-wrapper can wrap loads up to 50 x 50 x 80in (LWH).

Starting and ending the wrap cycle is a cut-and-clamp system that comprises a heat-free Press ‘n Seal film sealing system.

Standard on the RS-6000 is Lantech’s Pallet-Grip system for locking a load to a pallet.

Pallet-Grip effectively attaches a load to the pallet with bottom wraps of film that have been twisted into a cable along the lower 4-6in of the web.

This tightly-wound film cable is wrapped with 50 per cent higher wrap force as it is secured an inch or two below the deck of the pallet, while the remaining film web stays above the deck and secures the load.

Pallet-Grip wrapping leaves the fork-truck through holes open, ensuring that wrap force is never compromised.

The ring-style film delivery system can wrap the complete pallet all the way to floor level without a load lift.

The system also allows loads to be wrapped with as little as 2lb force.

The control system for the machine is based on an Allen Bradley Compactlogix PLC and Panelview Plus colour touch-screen.

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