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The development of Studer’s S33 CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine means that more workpiece geometries can be ground in a single clamping.

The new grinding head with three grinding wheels ensures that the workpiece can be machined more individually and quickly.

In addition to the familiar production wheelhead, which can be used at 0 and 30deg, the new universal head can be fitted with two external grinding spindles and one internal grinding spindle.

Both external grinding wheels with 500mm diameter x 63mm (80/110mm Form 5) are arranged on the right.

The universal head can be manually positioned every 2.5deg, or is available with automatic B-axis with 1deg Hirth serration.

HF spindles are exclusively used for internal grinding.

The design of the S33 is said to enable reduction of up to a third of the extended grinding length.

In conjunction with grinding-wheel arrangement on the right, reduction of the efficient grinding length with use less than 30deg should always be taken into account.

The S33 is now available with a CNC control and integrated PC, enabling the use of the new Studerwin operator interface.

The Studergrind programming software modules can be installed directly on the control system.

The Easyload-based handling system, Smartload, has also become available for the S33.

A newly designed double gripper unit in H configuration is now in charge for workpiece feed, resulting in shorter changeover times.

The loading system is designed for handling work pieces up to 300mm in length and 100mm in diameter, whereas the maximum gripping diameter is 60mm.

For workpieces up to 38mm in diameter, the belt conveyor can be fitted with 36 components.

Due to this new concept, the functionality of a portal loading system can be accommodated on the S33 with its compact enclosure.

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