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The MTech Water Processes course is suitable for individuals who want to make a difference to delivering reliable water supplies, or to maintaining and enhancing river and ground water quality.

This specialist postgraduate course has been designed and developed in conjunction with key stakeholders in the water industry to provide a tailor-made solution to the skills and knowledge shortage facing the sector.

The MTech programme involves students spending the majority of their time based within their sponsoring company, gaining hands-on experience while learning in an industrial context.

It is specifically designed to emphasise the understanding and exploitation of advanced technologies and management disciplines, alongside developing an applied research capability.

The programme comprises eight one-week assessed modules that include lectures and tutorials, two group projects, an industrial placement report and individual research project portfolio.

Modules include: Biological Processes; Chemical Processes; Hydraulics and Pumping Systems; Physical Processes; Process Science and Engineering Research; Processes Risk Management and Reliability Engineering for the Utility Sector; Water and Wastewater Treatment Principles; Group Project; and Potable and Wastewater Design – multidisciplinary team-based activity.

As part of their professional development, students are required to demonstrate an understanding of the contribution of research to their professional and personal development through the industrial placement report.

The individual research project includes research planning, the refinement of objectives, organisation and initiative in the completion of data generation and gathering, analysis, synthesis and the discussion and presentation of results and conclusions.

Successful students can secure positions within their sponsoring company, making an ongoing contribution to its operating performance, with graduates developing the potential to progress to senior positions in industry.

Students can utilise specialist facilities within the Centre for Water Science, including on-site sewage treatment works, with its own dedicated pilot-plant hall, state-of-the-art clean water, fermentation, microbiology, plus wastewater and water chemistry laboratories.

Access to facilities and equipment operated by the students sponsor is also usually available.

The course is designed to fulfil the requirements of the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) and the Institution of Water Officers (IWO).

From this CIWEM accreditation it is intended that the APM will directly progress graduates towards achieving Chartered Engineer (CEng) status as it offers company-based, professional training.

Cranfield University, School of Applied Sciences

Cranfield University is a wholly postgraduate university with an international community and a truly global reputation. The School of Applied Sciences is recognised for its multi-disciplinary approach to research and teaching in relation to manufacturing, materials, natural resources and sustainable systems. We also provide short courses and consultancy services to our clients. Cranfield is third in the UK for the impact of its mechanical, aeronautical and manufacturing research. Through our focus on fundamental research and its application to meet the needs of industry and society, Applied Sciences is a major contributor to these positions. We have a successful track record of working closely with organisations around the world. Our success is due to our staff and the quality of the students whose careers we help develop. We operate key facilities which underpin our research, teaching and short courses.  

The School of Applied Sciences offers an extensive engineering portfolio of full and part-time masters’ programmes, funded research opportunities and short courses, across a number of sectors.  All courses are designed to meet the training needs of industry, and benefit from significant input from experts in the sector.

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