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Elma Electronic, a manufacturer of electronic packaging products, has expanded its offering for its Type 15 Stylebox to include versions for recessed EMC mounting.

The Stylebox now offers recessed front-card mounting, which helps EMC by allowing a solid or perforated panel to fully enclose any plug-in boards.

The extra space in the front of the box also allows for protecting electrical or optical connectors.

Elma also lengthened the rear feet of the enclosure so that there would be more room for any components that may protrude from the back of the unit.

The rubber feet prevent the enclosure from scratching desktops and they provide more stability.

The Type 15 enclosure has 51 different sizes and a flexible design, allowing it to convert to a portable tower.

The standard sizes of the new Type 15 enclosure range from 2 to 7U high and widths of 42, 63 and 84HP.

The Stylebox saves manufacturing and assembly time.

The modular design has push-on extrusions, which allow easy installation and mounting of PCBs, panels and hardware.

The versatile enclosure allows Eurocard-based mounting for architectures such as VME, VME64x or CompactPCI.

The enclosure can also be used as an instrument case where typically one PCB is mounted to the case floor or slides within the extrusion rails.

Customisation is also available.

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