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Piab’s Pigrip suction cup allows companies to choose the ideal lip and fitting, optimising the pick-up and movement of different-weight products with different surface finishes using suction.

Available from Eriks, it is said to be the first modular suction cup on the market, The choice of different sizes and materials allows the suction cups to be matched for every application, allowing machines the flexibility of handling a variety of different items.

Matching the cup and bellow to the specific application means that packaging lines can often handle products at much higher speeds, increasing productivity and saving energy by reducing the vacuum needed to the ideal level for any product.

Versions are also available in FDA-approved materials certified for the food industry, making them ideal for applications where direct food contact is necessary.

Available with a range of independent lips, with or without bellows and with various fittings in sizes from 25-77mm, the suction cup can be customised for thousands of applications for full operational flexibility.

This product can be tailored to individual gripping, lifting and height requirements to handle a variety of products and fit with a number of packaging machines, including robotic arms, rotary cartoners, labelling machines and carton erectors.

The range can be used with new machines, as well as retrofitting existing systems.

Overall line efficiency is enhanced due to the suction grip, which allows for higher machine speeds.

This powerful grip is made possible through the variety of lip options available, allowing manufacturers to choose the desired hardness or softness for optimum sealing.

For example, flexible lips provide extra sealing capability for the handling of surface-leaking and porous materials, such as corrugated cardboard, while foam lips are ideal for difficult-to-handle products such as rigid food packages or lids with heavily textured surfaces.

With the Pigrip, the ideal combination can be selected so customers do not need to compromise on grip or machine handling speed.

All the available suction cups have a proprietary thin-wall design, which ensures that faster compressions and returns can be achieved, allowing extra-high lifting force.

As a result, machines can run at faster speeds, leading to shorter production cycles and increasing overall productivity.

The Pigrip is said to offer 20-50 per cent more lifting force than similar sized cups to reduce energy consumption and save costs.

The Pigrip also features 100-per-cent recyclable and separable materials, which, once the suction cup is recycled, can be reused for the same or a number of other purposes.

By reducing scrap, this contributes to an environmentally friendly waste-management programme.

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