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The Nextgen Education and Research Robotics Virtual Summit will focus on the implementation of robotics to accelerate learning in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Targeted for K-12 and college-level students, this one-day virtual event (10 March 2011) provides opportunity for leading educators, government representatives and robotics-technology solution providers to share their experiences, results and ideas for robotics and its applications within STEM education.

Since robots represent a practical application of key principles in physics, computer science, engineering and mathematics – educators have discovered they can use robotics technology as a way to teach and illustrate critical concepts within each of these diciplines.

The Nextgen Education and Research Robotics Virtual Summit is for: teachers (K-12); professors (secondary level); principals; department heads; deans; education administrators and management professionals; state and federal government representatives (STEM); robotics solutions providers; robotics integrators; hobbyists; researchers; scientists; investment professionals; and the media.

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