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Siemens Water Technologies has marked the start of its partnership alliance with Aquaco at the City of London’s new eco-friendly office development, Watermark Place.

Watermark Place is the first commercial development in London to benefit from both rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling.

The combined system designed and supplied by Aquaco will include Siemens Water Technologies’ Sunburst SBW ultraviolet system.

Once installed, the Sunburst SBW UV system will assist in the effective disinfection of the recycled grey and harvested rainwater, ensuring the safe reuse for toilet flushing.

The technology is a recognised defence against pathogens such as cryptosporidium and legionella.

The Sunburst SBW unit is a compact, low-pressure UV system, ideal for commercial applications where there are space restrictions.

With low wattage requirements and a long-lasting lamp, the energy-efficient system will be treating flows of up to 22 litres per minute but is capable of treating flows up to 189 litres per minute.

Optional features include UV monitor, flow control, automatic shut-off valve, two-minute warm-up delay, quartz cleaning and remote audible and visual alarms.

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