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Suncombe has announced the launch of the new range of MobileCIP portable CIP systems.

Evolved from the original Suncombe mobile CIP systems, the systems have been developed to incorporate ‘lean manufacturing’ principles, ensuring that waste is minimised and efficiency is maximised.

Designed for aqueous, detergent and solvent cleaning, the MobileCIP offers a versatile solution to the cleaning of vessels, reactors, fermenters, mixers, fillers, pipelines and other process equipment.

The systems are designed to meet the industry’s need for a portable CIP system that maintains all the flexibility of a static unit without compromising the quality of the process.

Without taking up permanent floor space and avoiding pipework installation, the MobileCIP units provide ready-to-use, plug-in cleaning solutions.

Easily moved to different operating or storage locations, they include up to 100 configurable recipes storing the operational parameters, including times, temperatures, flowrates and detergent strength.

The MobileCIP systems include a full validation package including risk assessment, design, manufacture, testing and qualification protocols.

Manufactured from 316L-certified stainless steels and incorporating high-quality components, the machines are fabricated by qualified technicians to certified procedures.

Incorporating a colour touch screen, they provide control of the entire process using an easily configured recipe structure and provide confirmation at the successful completion of cycle.

Fully certified, the cGMP designed systems comply with all legislative and safety standards.

Available in standard or bespoke versions, they incorporate ATEX, GAMP, ASME BPE, 21CFR11 and EHEDG standards.

The systems are used throughout the Biopharma and hygiene-critical sectors for efficient, economic cleaning of processing equipment.

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