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Sundance Digital Signal Processing has introduced the DSP464 to its family of high-performance ADC/DAC hardware solutions for wideband, low-noise signal processing applications.

Designed for use in PMC/XMC form factors, the DSP464 delivers multiprocessor capture and processing capabilities for single-unit installation or cascade deployment in heterogeneous networks.

Optimised for wideband, low-noise signal processing applications, the DSP464’s PCIe, PCI-X and Serial Rapid I/O interfaces allow the transfer of high bandwidth data to host systems.

The DSP464 can be used across an array of carriers and platforms including VME, cPCI and Advanced TCA (ATCA) to deliver high levels of design performance and operational flexibility.

Application design is supported by Parallel Application from Rapid Simulation (PARS) that enables designers to generate system target code, including DSP codes, FPGA codes and all of the inter-processor communication and synchronisation codes from a Simulink model.

Sundance DSP said the speed, accuracy and feature-rich specification of DSP464 makes it an ideal solution for applications where the continuous acquisition of analogue signals and distribution of digital data to PCI and multi-gigabit interfaces are crucial.

With the DSP464 being supported by the PARS design environment, engineers can develop their system in Matlab/Simulink and do not need to rely on pre-defined third-party IP for FPGA design tasks.

To support high-frequency digitisation and wide dynamic range, Sundance DSP selected four channels of Linear Technology’s 130Msps, sampling 16-bit high-resolution multi-channel capture ADC that is capable of interleaved acquisition of one channel at 520MS/s.

To enable RF/IF rate pre-processing, the DSP464 features Virtex 5 SXT FPGA optimised for high-performance DSP that includes 640 Xilinx XtremeDSP slices capable of delivering up to 352 GMACs.

The FPGA can be custom programmed and reconfigured in the field using PARS and is also supported by a wide range of logic cores, filters and blocks.

Optimised for gigahertz-plus communications processing performance and high-speed connectivity, Freescale’s Power Quicc III processor drives the primary XMC and has access to 512MB of DDR2 memory.

By implementing a flexible clock distribution circuit based on Analog Device’s AD9510, the DSP464 offers a system-wide synchronised clock, phase adjustment of the ADC and output clocks, and dual-channel quadrature sampling.

On-board clock synthesis is based on the AD9540 low-jitter DDS synthesiser and coupled with a temperature-compensated reference oscillator, the clock generation is able to provide sub-Hz frequency resolution down to 10Hz accuracy.

The DSP464 is targeted at enterprise networking, telecom transmission and switching applications.

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