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Sunon is to showcase its entire line of cooling products at Computex Taipei, which will run from 31 May to 4 June 2011 at the Taipei World Trade Center.

The company’s Mighty Mini Fan series is small and thin, allowing designers to create thinner, more lightweight products.

Industrial applications prove that it can effectively lower temperature by more than 15C.

The fan series is said to be suitable for cooling tablet computers, e-books, smartphones, digital cameras, and video cameras.

The energy-saving and environmentally-friendly Super Green Fan has the cooling characteristics required for high-density cloud computing centres, such as super air flow, high static pressure, low vibration and long service life.

The high-efficiency motor design can reduce energy consumption and business operation costs.

Sunon’s Fan Tray offers functions such as smart control, protection, alarms, and readings (for example, power hot plug, rev/min, PWM, braking, heat detection) to meet the fast cooling needs of large-size equipment.

It is waterproof and dustproof and features EMC/EMI shielding, making it suitable for servers, storage equipment, telecoms and more.

The environmentally-friendly, energy-saving cooling fans for LED street lamps and LED MR16 received the 19th Taiwan Excellence Award.

This is said to further solidify Sunon’s high-quality cooling techniques in various lamps, such as LED E27/E26 ball lamps, MR16 down lamps, projection lamps, down lamps, and street lamps.

Sunon combined both mechanism and heat transfer design abilities that allow for an integrated planning cooling module design scheme to fit each client’s exact needs.

Sunon’s fans have been integrated into a variety of automotive electronic cooling systems, such as HVAC, driving electronic control systems, auto seats, multifunctional instrument panels and LED headlamps.

The Super Silent Fan was designed to create the best sound quality, demonstrating silence in operation and good cooling efficiency.

It can be applied to equipment in a variety of settings, including medical care, kitchens and home appliances.

The company’s Smart Dust self-cleaning design can solve a system’s operating problems that occur as a result of dust build-up.

This technique can be applied to cooling in various application fields such as NB, desktop, AIO, netbooks, and LED lamps.

It may significantly increase product’s efficiency and service life.

Sunon was founded in 1980 and has always upheld the philosophy of “Brand, Innovation, and Value” for their business operations. Over the years, Sunon has continuously focused on developing and making innovations for their core motor technology, leading the industry in product trends for motors, cooling fans, and cooling modules.


Today, Sunon is the worldwide leader in precision motors and micro miniature fans, and is widely recognized by the industry as the designated partner for various multinational corporations. Sunon products are widely used in various applications and industries such as information technology, network communications, optoelectronics, and automobile electronics industries, as well as in industrial production equipment, medical equipment, home applications, OA machines, and others.


Sunon R&D team consists of over 400 engineers aiming to expand the optimized performance and unlimited possibilities for motor applications with the core motor technology. Up to the end of 2008, Sunon received 1367 patent approvals from dozens of countries. In an article in the Technology Review magazine published by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sunon is ranked 48th worldwide for technological strength in the field of computing. Sunon is also the only manufacturer specializing in cooling motors and fans to be ranked worldwide.

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