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Super Dry by Totech has introduced the XSD series of desiccant cabinets, which are oxidation-free drying and storage systems designed to meet the IPC J-STD-033B.1 regulations for the handling of moisture-sensitive devices.

The XSD series combines ultra-low humidity and mild temperatures to perform the same role as the more expensive vacuum-oven baking of taped on-reel components.

These desiccant cabinets can dry PCBs and other moisture-sensitive devices at high speeds, without the oxidation and inter-metallic growth induced by high-temperature baking.

In addition, Totech claims that XSD cabinets offer a more cost-effective MSD safe storage, in both the long and short-term, in full compliance with 033B.1 specifications.   

Key features

  • Optimal humidity levels below 0.5 per cent RH
  • Vapour content less than 0.6g/m3
  • Energy consumption averages less than 30W/hr
  • Compliant with 033B.1 specifications
  • XSD 1400/700s feature an energy-saving dual-wall-insulated steel and glass design

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