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Having recognised the increasing popularity of X-Ray inspection machines within the food and pharmaceutical industries, Detectamet has launched Detectamet Super XD Plastic.

X-ray machines have an advantage over metal detectors in being able to detect a wider range of foreign bodies – this is because the foreign body is significantly different from the food material in X-ray density, enabling it to be detected.

The Detectamet Super XD Plastic has the combined characteristics of being ‘magnetically detectable’ with the additional benefit of being ‘X-ray visible’.

Until now, food/pharmaceutical processors with both metal and X-ray detection equipment installed in their production facility had to purchase record and monitor separately their hand tools and pens in order to minimise the risk of cross-contamination from using the wrong type of detectable product on a particular production line.

Using products manufactured from Detectamet Super XD Plastic reduces the risk of product contamination across the whole site without fear of cross-contamination.

Detectamet intends to incorporate the new plastic into its range, beginning with its pens, markers and swipe-card holders.

Detectamet Super XD Plastic is FDA compliant and will be supplied in blue, red, green, yellow and white, and in polypropylene, nylon and ABS.


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