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Most people associate corrosion control with rust, which only happens in things made of ferrous metals such as steel girders, ships, iron pipes, steel reinforcement rods, and steel tanks and is the reason metals deteriorate and fail.  Ferrous and non-ferrous metals corrode on contact with both fresh and saltwater as well as water vapour. They will also corrode when they come into contact with chemicals, liquid acids as well as acidic vapours, salts and bases, and bacteria.

Corrosion is also a problem in electronics from circuit breakers and contactors to wire bond connectors and soldered components on a printed circuit board. Electrical connectors and plugs are very prone to corrosion as well as non-ferrous metals and alloys such as copper and aluminium. For purposes here, corrosion can be defined as a chemical or electrochemical reaction between a material, usually a metal, and its environment that produces a deterioration of the material and its properties.

Corrosion is an increasingly serious and costly problem that can lead to plant and equipment failures which range from being an annoyance to being catastrophic. Failures caused by corrosion could and do lead to a direct failure of a component which could affect the entire system and can not only be very expensive in terms of down time to repair or replace plant and equipment, but can also prove to be very costly in loss of productivity but to human life.

Preventing Disaster with corrosion control

If an electrical component fails that affects your car that is just an annoyance and can be repaired fairly inexpensively and if you’re driving the car rolls to a stop and you get out. However, if an electrical system failed because of a corroded electrical contact in a control circuit which caused another electrical failure in the master fuel control system on an airliner at 30,000 feet with 250 people on board that could prove to be catastrophic. While the electrical contacts in both cases failed due to corrosion both failures could very well have been prevented by using Super CORR A in a Corrosion Prevention Program incorporated into all routine maintenance programs.

Mild Steel panel exposed to sea spray on board ship for 6 months.
A: Oil based CPC, B: Untreated section, C: Treated with SuperCORR A,
demonstrating its superior performance

It is clear that the use of SuperCORR A for corrosion control can bring financial savings in reduced maintenance and replacement costs and more importantly greater safety
It is much simpler and a lot less costly to prevent corrosion than to repair or replace the damaged equipment or component that failed because of corrosion. The photographs show the effects of protecting metal surfaces and components in extreme condition with a SuperCORR A aerosol.

SuperCORR A is a non-conductive, non- flammable, hydrophobic, ultra-thin film lubricant and corrosion preventive compound. It is a “self-healing” ultra-thin coating that lubricates and protects metals, motors, electrical and electronic components from moisture, salts, chlorides, acids, and oxidation.

Corrosion of electrical components is very prevalent problem and one that can be prevented. Preventing moisture from coming in to contact with the electrical components is the key. An ultra-thin film of SuperCORR A will not only prevent moisture from coming in to contact but will displace moisture that is there already.

Super CORR A is hydrophobic, that is it repels water and forms a “self-healing” ultra-thin film barrier that prevents moisture from coming into contact with the coated electronic components.

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Lubricant and Corrosion Prevention Compound


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EnviroTech Europe Ltd

EnviroTech Europe Ltd supply a complete range of metal cleaning, surface treatment and protection systems which are cost effective, energy efficient and safe for users and the environment. Products are supplied through a qualified network of distributors throughout the UK and Europe.

The Best In Surface Treatment

EnviroTech Europe Ltd supply a complete range of metal cleaning, surface treatment and protection systems which are cost effective, energy efficient and safe for users and the environment. Products are supplied through a qualified network of distributors throughout the UK and Europe

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  • Our products and treatments offer a combination of benefits:
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