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Support for the Packaging Industry – Elesa standard components make life easier with new brochure

Packaging industry machines are usually dedicated to a single task, often under high speeds in difficult environmental conditions where ease of handling is a major factor of importance.

Elesa are proud to offer a new brochure dedicated to the packaging industry, which demonstrates a full range of standard components that benefit user experience and are designed to suit the requirements of the wider packaging industry, including bottling and labelling in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. Manoeuvring, clamping and control are functions where standard components serve – even in areas requiring corrosion resistance. This is addressed in their brochure of “Components for Packaging Machines and Equipment” which is available to download here.

Packaging machine designers and installation engineers are expected to find the Elesa position indicators and access panel hinges ideal for these applications. Their range covers both analogue dial and digital box indicators including mechanical and electronic variants to make rapid spindle setting and adjustment especially easy.

Elsewhere on packaging lines access safety is often a concern, so rugged hinges and locks are offered along with the FS series hinges which allow power to be cut as a safety measure if inspection covers are opened without proper machine shut down. Other Elesa packaging machinery components include clamping handles – convenient for setting of tensions and locking of settings, also knobs and handwheels, levelling feet and latch clamps as described in their brochure.

It is the Elesa philosophy to provide quality standard components for specialist manufacturers such as those producing packaging machinery. A philosophy reflected in their offering of EHEDG levelling feet and of metal and visually detectable components designed for food and pharmaceutical packaging applications. Elesa’s reliable, strong and easy to clean components use high-grade engineering plastics and stainless steels across their range to meet current international standards and performance criteria.

The Elesa packaging range is described in detail and available to download here.

Further information regarding Elesa products may be found here.

Elesa (UK) Ltd is a branch office of the Elesa Spa group, international manufacturer of plastic and metal standard machine parts for the mechanical engineering industry for over 75 years. Elesa products express a quality of design and ergonomic research with recognition of its brands as guarantees of quality and reliability. Continuous attention to clients’ needs and a rapid service have made Elesa a reference point for designers and builders. More than 45,000 product codes, 180 patents and 42 international design awards produced with systems certified to ISO 9001 and ISO1401 are supported by localised stock and technical support.

 Elesa Standards cover industrial components including, handwheels, handles, levers, knobs, gears, spring and indexing plungers, levelling feet, locks and latches and hydraulic tank accessories in engineering grade plastics, aluminium, steel and stainless steel. Also a range of light to heavy duty industrial castors, vibration damping elements, conveyor components, rod ends, fork joints and magnets.

Industrial machinery and equipment are well served with the Elesa anti-vibration mounts, ball lock pins, ball transfer units, filler breathers, grip knobs, latch clamps and metal hinges, in addition to oil level indicators, plastic hinges, pneumatic clamps, stainless steel hinges, toggle clamps, tubular handles and wing knobs.

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