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A new line of customised surface-mount connectors from Advanced Interconnections reduces board space by utilising the perimeter of circular and other odd-shaped PC boards.

To support prototypes and small-volume runs, Advanced can provide an affordable design and rough sample for electrical and mechanical testing – typically in less than five days.

SMT Perimeter Connectors are created from easily customised FR-4 insulators on in-house driller/routing machines and incorporate high-quality screw-machined, solder ball terminals (available down to 0.5mm pitch) on both the male header and the mating female connector (socket).

Vertical integration, including precision CNC machining and hundreds of existing screw-machined terminal designs, eliminates the need for expensive tooling and set-up costs such as stamping dies – making customised solutions affordable, even in low volumes as projects ramp-up.

The semi-circle design maximises space when stacking circular printed circuit boards and features an integrated keying/polarisation feature.

The lightweight, low-profile FR-4 insulator can be easily transitioned to a moulded design to further reduce costs in production volumes.

Typical applications include military and medical equipment where mission-critical reliability and the ability to provide custom designs in low volumes are required.

Advanced Interconnections

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