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Ericsson Power Modules’ BMR453 SI DC/DC converter uses the company’s Floating Inserted Pins (FIP) technology to offer a surface-mount unit that enables higher-density boards to be designed.

Ericsson Power Modules’ FIP concept is based on accurately tooled pins that are inserted and aligned during the original assembly process.

When a BMR453-SI module is assembled on the final board during reflow the pins remain aligned in the plated through-hole of the converter and self-adjust to guarantee interconnection between the two solder pads.

The pins are also manufactured with very tight tolerances, guaranteeing co-planarity and mechanical accuracy.

This process ensures high reliability and host equipment availability.

In addition to input and output power connections, additional I/O (+ and – output remote sense, address pin, PMBus clock and data, power good and user-configurable I/O, PMBus ground, PMBus alert signal and PMBus remote control or current sharing) are made available through a micro interface.

This connector has been designed to comply with Ericsson FIP technology and to guarantee full alignment and co-planarity during the different soldering processes.

Based on a digital control loop and including a PMBus interface, the BMR453 SI surface-mount isolated DC/DC converter allows system architects to monitor, control and adjust parameters in real time.

Through a board power manager or a PMBus interface embedded into the board controller, system architects can adjust the intermediate bus voltage to suit load conditions and to read back data from the BMR453, giving information about load, temperature, voltage and other parameters indicating board status.

The built-in digital control loop self-optimises switching dead time, so that DC/DC power consumption remains the lowest whatever the load condition is.

With 96 per cent efficiency, Ericsson said the BMR453 SI offers up to 396W output power or up to 33A with +/-2 per cent accuracy.

It has an input voltage range of 36V to 75V and its output voltage is variable from 8.1V to 13.2V.

With a maximum height of 11.5mm, the BMR453 SI is compatible with reduced board space applications or cold-wall equipment requiring low height.

BMR453 SI’s micro controller sweeps up a large quantity of discrete control and overhead components resulting in better integration, lower component count, less PCB area and improved reliability.

Applications using these products include data centres, routers, telecom equipment and a large range of applications where system designers are considering ways to reduce energy consumption.

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