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The SM501-1 telecom transformer from Datatronic Distribution is suitable for a range of BS6305 Impedance Class A non-speech and Class B voice applications.

These include telecom equipment, laptops, modems, instrumentation and more.

Its dielectric strength is tested to 4,600Vrms and meets various international safety standards including UL60950-1.

The SM501-1 transformer is said to provide space-efficient isolation between sensitive electronics and telephone lines.

Its high dielectric strength helps safeguard equipment users by protecting them from electrical shock.

The SM501-1 transformer’s symmetrical design means that there is no real primary or secondary winding.

The transformer’s impedance is at 600ohms (both primary/secondary) and turns ratio is 1:1.

It features 3.8 H shunt inductance and 6-7mH leakage inductance at 1kHz.

The transformer comes in a 12.5 x 9.6mm rectangular package.

The seated height is 7.36mm and recommended lead spacing is 0.60mm.

Lead terminal finish is RoHS compliant, and solder meets J-STD-020D.

Datatronic Distribution said the SM501-1 is ideal for high-density circuit designs.

The sealed SM501-1 is vacuum encapsulated to withstand high-temperature soldering and operating temperature environments from – 20C to +85C and a storage range of -40C to +85C.

The SM501-1 comes in tape-and-reel packaging for auto-insertion equipment.

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