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Surface Processing (SPL) has announced that it will be presenting an electroless nickel coating that offers strong protection against rust at the NEC Classic Motor Show.

The coating provides a performance improvement over existing paint technologies, according to its developer.

SPL offers trade customers a three-year warranty with every bodyshell that passes through the cleaning and finishing process.

SPL will display a sectioned Mini Clubman that has been treated with the new coating at its show stand 2T 170.

‘Historically, SPL has offered electrophoretic or e-coating as a means of inhibiting rust on classic and race cars,’ said Adrian McMurray, managing director.

‘This offered OEM levels of protection, but with the ever-increasing value of some classic cars and a desire to use them all year round, owners and restorers deserve the option of higher protection,’ he added.

High-phosphorous electroless nickel coating is already specified for sub-sea oil and gas applications, offering corrosion resistance in the harshest environment and increasing service life over galvanised and painted coatings.

For the classic-car restorer, electroless nickel coating offers a bright, consistent 20-micron coating that can be sanded, filed, primed and painted with the best possible protection available for road, race and rally bodyshells.

SPL uses its fully immersive process, already having treated more than 2,300 shells to remove all paint, sealants, adhesives and noise-reduction materials, reaching areas that blasting cannot.

It removes rust and breaks down filler without attacking the surface of the metal in any way.

Further stages passivate and neutralise the metal resulting in a clean and distortion-free bodyshell.

Welding can then be carried out and corrosion damage or earlier repairs are clearly identifiable.

The shell is then returned to SPL for the electroless nickel coating to be applied.

SPL still offers e-coating for smaller body parts such as wings, doors and bonnets.

In addition to the Mini, Surface Processing will display other bodyshells that have undergone the process.

Visitors to the stand will also be able to see an overview of the full immersion process as well as images of the range of cars the company has cleaned in the last 16 years.

The NEC Classic Motor Show takes place from 12-14 November 2010.

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