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Surfcam Velocity 4 provides major improvements to three-axis finishing, four-axis machining and five-axis machining.

Surfcam Velocity 4’s three-axis HSM strategies feature smooth and fluid toolpaths that ensure superior surface finish while accommodating fast cutting speeds.

New machining strategies feature faster processing, multi-processor support, automatic arc filtering, optimised retracts and adaptive stepdown.

Among the newly implemented HSM operations are Rest Machining, Steep/Shallow, Offset Pencil and 3D Offset.

Surfcam Velocity 4 includes gouge avoidance strategies to allow users to specify up to four separate check surface groups; individual gouge avoidance strategies can be applied to each successive group.

New lead-in and lead-out moves accurately control the tool motion when approaching or leaving the machined part.

Users now can also customise the retract motions to be closer to the part type and orientation, reducing cycle time and allowing safer tool repositions.

Numerous enhancements have been made to gap handling, surface edge control and Swarf machining.

Surfware is offering a Surfcam maintenance promotional offer to any customers that dropped off Surfcam maintenance at any time during 2008: they will be able to get back on maintenance and benefit from the features of Surfcam Velocity 4 at CMA (Continued Maintenance Agreement) pricing instead of the standard EMA (Extended Maintenance Agreement) pricing.

This offer saves approximately 45 per cent of the cost of Surfcam Velocity 4 and is valid until 30 January 2009.

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