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Swiftlite simplifies specification of a production breakout board for systems based on Swiftmodule System-On-Module (SOM).

Swiftlite allows low-power Windows Embedded CE-based products to be brought to market in less than a month.

It allows customers to select from popular interfaces, most of which are already implemented on the Swiftmodule.

The customer selects the corresponding connector on the custom baseboard.

Interfaces available include Ethernet, USB, 802.11b/g, RS232, SD Card, audio and LCD touch-screen with LVDS.

An extension header allows other interfaces to be connected, such as GPRS modem, GPS receiver, A/D converter and CANbus controller.

A Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSP provides drivers for all interfaces, allowing a production BSP (board support package) suited to the Swiftlite specification to be instantly generated.

The Swiftmodule SOM is powered by an 806MHz PXA320 microcontroller, which combines high performance with handheld-class power consumption.

The module also provides up to 256MB of SDRAM, up to 1GB NAND Flash and audio and wi-fi connectivity.

Two 120-pin connectors join the Swiftmodule to the Swiftlite baseboard.

David Pashley, chief executive officer of Direct Insight, said: ‘Swiftlite provides a shortcut for customers with pressing time-to-market objectives.

‘It is there to allow Swiftmodule users to realise the potential of an SOM with complete production-quality BSP and the breakout board is the final piece of the jigsaw.

‘The customer just brings along their application and the hardware running Windows Embedded CE does the rest.’

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