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The D1565 switch mode power supply allows users to choose the voltage best suited to the application (12 to 15V DC) and is suited for all CCTV power supply requirements.

During mains supply failure when the power supply is running on standby batteries, the constant voltage function ensures that the D1565 will deliver a fixed voltage as determined by the user, irrespective of the terminal voltage of the batteries.

The D1565 offers the same high efficiency rating and reliable design as the D1500 Series.

The three LEDs on the D1565 indicate the status of the power supply, which allows status checking at a glance.

As an added bonus, the D15X8 output splitter allows a single power supply output to be split into up to eight individually fused outputs.

Each fuse is monitored by a red LED that lights if a fuse fails.

The Dycon D15X4 BNC splitter provides power to up to four cameras and loop-through connections for signals.

All switched mode power supplies offer: an 80 per cent efficiency rating, resulting in power consumption that is halved compared with linear power units; reduced weight from the elimination of bulky low-frequency transformers; cool operation with reduced heat dissapation; and compact and robust construction.

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