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Garrettcom’s new managed Ethernet switches meet the demands for bandwidth, precision and hardening in smart grid substation networks and other IP-intensive installations in challenging environments.

Features of the 10KT managed switch include sub-10-nanosecond timing precision, up to 36 ports (freely configurable), an advanced thermal cooling design that eliminates the need for fans, and the first dual hot-swappable power supplies in a 1U rack-mount switch.

Time synchronisation is based on the IEEE 1588v2 protocol to provide the time accuracy required in modern substation applications.

With a mean time-synchronisation accuracy of better than 10 nanoseconds, the 10KT exceeds the requirements of the IEC 61850-3 specifications for complex smart grid substation networks.

Addressing this requirement for improved communications, the 10KT is highly configurable with up to 36 ports – four of which can be Gigabit ports.

The high port density delivers all the connectivity required in complex substation communications systems and helps to reduce potential points of failure.

The 10KT also addresses reliability requirements through its power-supply arrangements.

With a backup power supply and hot-swappable replacements, the 10KT provides high reliability.

Power supplies are available with multiple voltage options, including 90-250V AC/DC, 125V DC, 48V DC, 24V DC and universal AC.

A key feature of the 10KT is its patent-pending thermal design, where internal thermal-management techniques and a heatsink built into the casing provide efficient convection cooling, eliminating the need for internal fans while delivering high reliability and extended operating temperatures.

This suits the 10KT to any application where EMI issues preclude the use of fans within the product.

In particular, it opens up substations, plant operations areas and ‘dirty’ control rooms to the use of a more powerful Ethernet switch.

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