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Flow Line Options has announced that Point Reyes National Seashore has selected Switchguard Plus for its potable water treatment system.

Featuring high accuracy and no moving parts, Switchguard Plus provides a complete solution for low flow pump or process protection with a 16A compact relay controller.

Flow Line said that Siwtchguard is suitable for a diverse range of liquid applications.

Specifically designed to monitor flow and temperature, the device protects equipment and the process from high temperature and low or no-flow conditions.

Switchguard Plus will monitor flow rates up to 20fps in any size pipe diameter.

In addition, this device is offered in two different sensor lengths making it compatible with pipes ranging from 1/2in to 11/2in or 2in pipe diameters and above.

Switchguard Plus is being used at Point Reyes National Seashore to monitor and control a potable water treatment system.

The flow is generated from a natural spring with moderate to low flow rates.

The system is designed to pull water from the natural spring through primary and secondary filters before it is chemically treated with chlorine.

Since the flow of the natural spring is often very low, it was important to select a flow switch that can detect flow rates less than one gallon per minute.

If the flow of the natural spring stops, the Switchguard Plus protects the process by switching off the system and alerting personnel of the low or non-existent flow.

Karen McKey, utility system operator at Point Reyes National Seashore, said that Switchguard Plus was selected based on its ability to detect low or non-existent flow rates and because it came as a ‘complete package’ that included a flow switch, AC controller and strobe light.

McKey also noted that the device features no moving parts, which eliminates regular maintenance and costly future repairs.

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