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Available from Switchtec, Euroclamp’s MVP35 high-power PCB terminal block is suitable for photovoltaic applications and for high-voltage or high-amperage applications with ratings of 1,000V at 125A.

Aimed at OEMs, CEMs, electronic manufacturers, PCB manufacturers and assemblers, the photovoltaic industry and those in building and automation, the terminals are suitable for use in photovoltaic products, high-voltage and high-current applications and any application that needs or uses large cables.

With the general move towards fully integrated PCB assemblies, manufacturers are requiring larger PCB terminal blocks for applications such as photovoltaic, which, owing to their nature, require terminal blocks capable of handling high voltages and high currents.

Euroclamp designed the MVP35 terminal block to fulfil this requirement.

The MVP35 is designed to accept 35mm2 (2AWG) stranded or rigid (solid) cable, or 2 x 10mm2 (2x8AWG) cables.

The device has two basic designs: the standard MVP35 PCB version (flangeless model) or the MVP35K model that has two flanges for surface mounting to the PCB with screws.

Owing to the large cable sizes being used, movement of or pressure from the cable could potentially weaken or damage the PCB connection.

To allay this effect, the MVP35 has a four-pin PCB footprint to give maximum strength to the terminal/PCB junction.

The MVP35K with its additional flanges adds even more mechanical strength to the assembly.

Euroclamp has chosen to produce the MVP35 with a 15mm pitch size for two reasons.

First, this larger size gives good PCB retention strength; and, second, the MVP35 (not the MVP35K) features a dovetailed design, allowing the terminals to be linked together in a modular style.

The MVP35 is a single-pole PCB terminal, but with its modular design it can create multiple-pole terminal blocks (such as two, three, four or six pole), thus adding greater flexibility.

As a result of the terminals’ high power ratings, a 15mm pitch is needed to give adequate clearance for cable entry.

The MVP35 is available as standard in green, but as with all of Euroclamp’s terminal blocks they are also available in red, yellow, blue, orange and black.

Special colours are also available upon request.

The MVP35 series are CE marked and cUL approved and have IP20 touch-proof terminals.

An operating temperature range of -30C to +130C is tolerated.

The terminals are manufactured from PA -UL94V0 plastic.

All terminals in the range are available ex-stock from Switchtec, which is also able to provide technical support in choosing the correct terminal for the application, as well as after-sales support.

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